Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Dispose of Autumn Leaves

With autumn being such a beautiful time of year with the changing leaves and the crisp air soaring across the fields the last thing you want to deal with is leaves blowing around. Understanding how to dispose of autumn leaves can help you clean up your lawn and dispose of them properly.

Each county may have their very own bylaws as to how you can dispose of your autumn leaves so you will want to contact them as to what exactly you can do. Some counties will provide pick up for your leaves and yard waste that you gather and will have a set date for the pickup so inquire if they'll be doing this or not. There are some places that utilize a heavy duty leaf collector that picks up your leaves at the end of your yard in amongst the gutters but this isn't offered everywhere so don't put your leaves in your gutter until you know for sure.

Some areas of the United States incorporate their yard waste pickup with the regular garbage collection meaning you can simply place your yard waste out with your garbage waste, but once again you need to find out before you do it.

With the rapid growth in economical ideas many people collect their leaves and actually use them for their vegetable gardens. This is a great idea if you want to help out the environment a little bit more and prevent the amount of yard waste that you'll have. By placing approximately two to three inches of leaf mulch onto your vegetable garden you can help protect it throughout the colder months.

Leaves are also great in amongst your compost bin. This means you don't only have to wait for your autumn yard clean up; you could do it all year long and work a little more on your compost bin. With the amount of people becoming more aware of the environmental changes there are more people looking for more ways to protect the environment which is where composting comes in handy.

As you can see there are many ways you can learn how to dispose of autumn leaves and every method seems to be a great options. If you want to be an environmentalist consider using them within your compost or gardens and if you still want to dispose of them off your lawn just contact your local county advisors and they'll gladly inform you how to dispose of autumn leaves.

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